In the Clouds

Clouds mural

Painting details

Title: Clouds

Date: 2018

Size: 3000mm x 2400mm

Availability: Non-applicable

Description: Resene Products used: Paint effects medium, hot weather additive and test pot paints (soothe, triple white pointer, half kumutoto, vanilla ice, half tea, sea fog and ashanti).

Back Storey: I had been wondering for a while what to do with my daughters blank wall behind her bed. I did find some wall paper I liked, but it was too expensive so I decided to paint the wall with some massive clouds. I really enjoyed using a larger brush and applying the same techniques I use for my paintings. The resene paint effects products were so easy to use and helped me get the desired effect I was after.

Press: Resene saw this so wrote about it, see – Habitat by Resene